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Self-publishing is basically the easiest way to get your own book or publication published.

Unfortunately, not every author will find himself in the role of publisher, distributor and marketer in one. That is why it is worth using the help of experts with many years of experience who know how to publish, promote and sell books.

Marketing strategy

A good marketing strategy and action plan is the basis of any business. In theory, everyone is aware that everything has to be planned and written down, but in practice hardly any novice author does it. Unfortunately, nowadays, in order not to miss the opportunities and possibilities right from the start, everything requires preparation and planning. You have to analyze the market, competition and the planned product, establish a pricing policy, prepare a sales and distribution plan, and then an advertising and promotional plan. Moreover, all planned activities should be carried out at the right time and place. Sounds scary? Not for us. We can do it for you.

Editing and graphics

We offer comprehensive editorial services as well as the help of editors and graphic designers. We will help you with professional proofreading, editing, graphic design of the cover, as well as composition and layout.


We will print any number of copies of your book. You have a choice of different types of binding and paper. We guarantee high print quality. Additionally, you can also order leaflets, posters or bookmarks to promote your book.

Marketing services

Advertising and marketing are the most important. Without it, no one will hear about you or buy your text. As marketing and advertising specialists, we have a number of tools and contacts that enable the author to reach readers and the media.

Distribution services

Distribution is also an important element of the offer. We work with many wholesalers and sales institutions (stationary and online bookstores, libraries, bookstores, retail chains).


We will translate your publication into any language, as well as submit it to the editing of a native speaker – so that it effectively appeals to the imagination of your readers. We have excellent substantive preparation, precise translation skills and an extremely light pen – in other words, we have everything you need.

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