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marketing eCommerce

Marketing eCommerce – is the use of digital media to reach consumers. There are communication channels such as: e-mail, social media, content, optimization for search engines.

SEO – positioning

Analysis and action plan – We analyze your website, find elements that can be improved, and then prepare the entire action plan.

Website optimization – We optimize your website. We have our own programmers and copywriters, so you can fully devote yourself to your business and only verify the changes we have introduced.

Improving your Google position – We conduct extensive activities related to the positioning of your website on Google.

Monthly report – Once a month, we send you a detailed report on the work performed, as well as the current report on the visibility of your website on the Internet.

SEM campaigns (Google Ads, remarketing, etc.)

Ads advertising campaigns, thanks to various advertising options, we will help you achieve your business goals:

Search engine campaigns – Display your ads when users search for terms related to your company’s offerings.

  • Product campaigns – Present your assortment available locally and online.
  • Visual campaigns – Attract users' attention with visually compelling ads.
  • Video campaigns – Use video ads to tell customers about your business.
  • We plan, implement, set up, analyze and report the results.

Word of mouth marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing is an activity aimed at reaching the recipient with advertising information via a direct, „spontaneous” verbal message. The communication channel in word of mouth marketing is direct discussion or storytelling on forums and groups on social media.

We recommend and share! And you gain new customers and good opinion!

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, TIKTOK, LinkedIn, etc.)

We manage profiles on social media, get likes, fans, followers, etc.

We create, implement and monitor Ads campaigns.

Mailing and newsletter

We operate mailing systems. We create and send newsletters, company messages, offers, etc.,

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