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Business development

Business development

A good strategy is the basis of any business. Are you planning to introduce a new brand to the market and do not know where to start? Are you planning to lead your company through a serious change process? Do you want to optimize processes, increase efficiency, improve the efficiency of your sales department, improve the comfort of your employees, or have a team of independent external experts investigate what can be improved in your company and recommend and supervise the implementation of a solution dedicated to your company? Nothing easier! Our specialists will professionally do it with you.

In addition, we implement full naming processes. We define detailed requirements for the name being created, take care of legal aspects, check time, territorial and use restrictions. We develop names for new companies, brands, as well as services and products.

  • analytics, audits and planning,
  • naming,
  • marketing strategy,
  • business plan,
  • introducing companies to international markets,
  • comprehensive marketing and advertising campaigns (B2B and B2C),

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